booty for president

live da booty, luv da booty. chasin booty since '93

on a scale from 1 to kylie jenner how good are my lips here



remember that time me and my friends spent a large chunk of our time and money on holiday sitting in a photobooth

This is my boyfriend sleeping. I love him and finally after three months, get to see him so soon. He’s pretty much the greatest boy a gal could ask for <3 Max

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new beanie, lovin lyf

Beyonce has a successful marriage, is a mother, does a show almost every night in countless different countries and still has time to put out a visual album while I complain about walking downstairs to get my leftover pizza from the fridge

two feet in the red dirt

Hey guys this is my new blog about my adventure in melbourne. Ya’ll should follow it and i’ll love you forever

Just listened to Miley’s new album bangerz from start to finish and i gotta say it was everything i wanted and more. She found a perfect balance of regret, sorrow and pure unadulterated fun. She told us to expect hip hop with a country influence and while i may love both these genre’s, i was skeptical to say the least, however 4x4 feat. Nelly does this with an ease i certainly never imagined possible. The whole album flows so comfortably that listening through happens almost without noticing. Kudos Miley, you have not only successfully achieved a genre mix rarely seen before, but you have also shown your many talents as you abandon the boring pop sound of Hannah Montana’s disney produced tunes. A+++

Tracks that shone for me:

Adore Me

4x4 feat. Nelly



Maybe You’re Right

Something Else

TLC gank edition #yo

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Double date drinks #tripleds #maxwantsaburger #maxcanbephotogenic (at Stuart St Macs BrewBar)

Bath time bliss #somanytealights #nobblyknees #imissmyman #nomorehotwater #oops